Red Cable Sunday is the music project of musician and campaigner Denis Fernando

13aDenis draws on his experience as an activist, which included being the NUS Black Students Officer, a  National Executive member position. He also performed as a drummer in the opening ceremony of the olympics in 2012 and was an activist with occupy London. Red Cable Sunday’s debut single Prelude to the Nocturne, (2010) a cinematic piece of electronica tinged piano music  takes its themes of light and dark from the philosophy of Malcolm X.  For an unsigned DIY release, it travelled far and wide featuring on Radio 2 (Alan Titchmarsh) and Radio 3 (Late Junction) as well as national music channels and media including Scottish sunday paper The Sunday Post, and led to performances at the Spitalfields Festival and the City Showcase performance at the 02.  This festival previously led to big breaks for Amy Winehouse and Keane.

Denis comes from a musical family – his late father was in a pop band ‘Family Affair’ which was featured many years later on Radio 2 (Sound of the sixties). It was thanks to his father approaching Radio 2 with the track Prelude to the nocturne that it was featured.

The video for new single Relentless, which includes themes of persistance and courage at its centre, was only possible thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that attracted donations from around the world.

Red Cable Sunday’s debut album ‘The Stolen Hours’ is being worked on currently, with a crowdfund campaign which goes live with the launch of Relentless.

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6 music Relentless (Submeto Short Cuts Mix) was featured on Tom Robinson's BBC Introducing Mixtape!
rte Click here to listen to Denis' interview on RTE Lyric which covered diverse topics including music, social movements and Occupy London

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